Pharmaceutical licensing

For many years we have represented numerous pharmacies, including pharmacy corporate companies, with respect to both Applications to the Board, and subsequent Appeals to the National Appeals Panel. Our professional services have included both original Licensing Applications for new Licenses and Applications for Major and Minor Relocations.

We have had many years of experience in providing these professional services and our success rate confirms that we are one of the leading Solicitors, if not the leading Solicitor for Pharmaceutical Licensing Applications.

Our professional legal services includes assisting in all matters, such as advising clients with respect to the Applications and Determination by the PPC (Pharmacy Practice Committee appointed by the Board); preparing for all Appeals to the National Appeals Panel; arranging for submission of all necessary documents for perusal by the Members of the Appeals Panel; arranging for the attendance of all witnesses; instructing Counsel and attendance with Counsel at all consultations and all oral Hearings.

All Applications are initially dealt with by the PPC acting on behalf of the Board and all Appeals which are generally Oral Hearings are heard before the Appeals Panel includes:

Applications for and/or Objections to the granting of -

  • New Pharmaceutical License
  • Minor Re-location Applications
  • Major Re-location Applications